Written by Katie Marks
Photos Brett Clarke

HendrixRoe debuted their first womenswear collection during Toronto Women's Fashion Week (TWFW), we asked about the foray into womenswear from strictly a menswear brand, HendrixRoe designer Jordan Erin McKay said, "I actually started with womenswear, I dabbled in that and then went to men's, I really love doing men's [fashion], and anyone that knows me, I've cried probably every day up to the release of this collection, I just never felt I was good enough to be in this arena. You have Stephan Caras, David Dixon, Mikael D that's showing, to literally stand on the same runway as these names, it's overwhelming. I just wanted to do it. I was ready, I had done a lot of pieces for women and they were monsters, so I made the collection." 

We noted that HendrixRoe was the only designer to take a political stance during both Toronto Men's Fashion Week (TOM*) and TWFW, and McKay said, "I'm a woman. It's time we step out of the dark ages and say 'I'm fucking here', I'm so fucking sick of how we've digressed because of men, but what's also so sad is that the most beautiful men in the world have created my career and made me so big, so at the same time I'm the perfect medium for that. And I remember that there was an interview with Nina Simone and she said, 'As artists, if we don't take that stage and use that stage as our political platform, that's all we've got [sic]', and tonight I wanted that." 

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