"We've always considered ourselves to be a streetwear brand, we started off in Tokyo, in Shibuya, and we have the Samurai DNA like we loved how people dressed in Shibuya, but the whole idea every season is was always a destination or last time we did a staycation, and then we started pulling from different places that we really liked, so we ended up deciding to do the theme of Clueless.."

FASHIONKatie Marks

"This is always tough for us because we feel like we are inspired by so many things, but what we could pin down from this, I stumbled upon a landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx who is a Brazillian landscape artist, and what I really was drawn to was the fact that his work was so minimal yet it was so colourful.."

FASHIONKatie Marks

"We worked with two concepts, that we worked around, going back to the utilitarian uniform, we went back to cargo pieces which are so in right now and so cool, we made some.. almost like suits, we styled it matching and it has removable pockets to have the functionality of utilitarian clothing but a bit more bold.."

FASHIONKatie Marks